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iPhone Audio IC issue: 

When apple made the iPhone 7, they installed the audio ic with a very weak connection and that connection is prone to wear and tear and also, it can get loose if you drop your phone, or bend your phone. Apple themselves are not offering any repairs for this, and instead, they advise you to buy a new phone. 


The symptoms may include, but are not limited to:

  • Greyed out speaker icon
  • Audio lagging on voice calls
  • Microphone not working properly
  • Long start-up time for the phone

The issue on hand:

As we have mentioned above, the solder connection of the ic to the motherboard is weak. Whenever a phone fells down or gets bent, it usually comes lose and eventually breaks. The user doesn’t notice this issue straight away as the issues start after re-booting the phone a few times. Normally, a layman never reboots his/her phone so it could be months before the issue comes prominent. One other thing that happens is that when a customer brings in their phone for any kind of repair, the phone has to be turned off to be disassembled. When the phone is turned back on, the re-boot triggers the symptoms of audio ic issue. At this point, the customer usually thinks that this happened during the repair process, but obviously they don’t know that the ic was already broken.


Apple does not offer a fix for this problem. You have to get an aftermarket repair for your phone. The usual method is to lift the ic and put a small piece of wire underneath it to make it work again, it is called a quick fix. It costs almost the same as the other method but it’s not future proofed, i.e. you will break it again very soon. Most of the aftermarket repair companies use this method. However, here at Fix-Direct ltd., we use a different method. We source the best quality audio ics from our suppliers and our technicians spend a long time to put that ic on your phone’s motherboard and solder it properly. This method has proven future-proofed, and as of this moment, we have a zero percent complaint ratio for audio ic jobs. 

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